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Do you dread your driving test? Are you not satisfied with your current driving lessons? Unable to find a reliable driving instructor? Do you find your driving lessons difficult to follow? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you are in the right place. We will be able to provide you with the best solution. You will never again look for another driving school in Coventry. We take pride in being one of the top driving schools in Coventry. Our driving lessons in Coventry are tailored to suit individual’s specific needs. We are keen in producing responsible drivers who understand the dynamics of driving fully. Our driving instructors do not stop with preparing their students for the driving test. Yes, driving test is an important part because that is what will get you the license to take your vehicles on the roads but that is not the end purpose of our driving lessons. Our driving lessons are geared towards teaching every student learn all the safety rules of driving fully and to make them remember those rules all their life. Our driving lessons in Coventry are thorough and you will certainly not face any problems with your driving test. You will be able to pass your driving test in the first sitting.

Our driving instructors in Coventry know how to keep the driving lessons interesting. We take care of both theory as well as practical aspects of your driving test. You will never get bored with our driving lessons. Each day you will learn something new and this will make your driving lessons all the more interesting making you look forward for the next driving lesson from our instructor.

When you are starting afresh with your driving lessons, you are likely to have a lot of apprehensions as well as lot of questions and you will need a friendly and patient driving instructor who knows his or her trade so that they can help you. Above all, you should feel comfortable interacting with your driving instructor in Coventry. You will find our driving instructors easy to interact with and highly knowledgeable.

As per the norms of Andy1st driving school franchise, our driving instructors in Coventry too are DSA approved. They are fully trained to offer you driving lessons. Moreover, our driving instructors posses vast experience. It is one thing to be a good driver and totally another thing to be a good driving instructor. Our driving instructors are good at both so you can confidently book your driving lessons.

If you find it hard to organize your time and find it difficult to set aside time each day for your driving lessons in Coventry, you can take advantage of our intensive driving courses Coventry. Our intensive driving courses Coventry are for people who have busy schedule. You will be able to manage your driving lessons better if all the lessons are offered in one stretch as this will save you a lot of time and make it easy for you to set aside one full day or two. Don’t worry, you will not miss anything; our intensive driving courses will still cover everything that will be taught during regular driving lessons.

For those who are looking for advanced driving lessons to clear their Pass Plus certification, we offer special Pass Plus driving courses. You will be introduced to advanced concepts of driving and advanced safety lessons that will make you an excellent driver.

All our driving lessons are custom prepared to suit the needs of the individuals. The style of instruction will be modified depending on the skills of the students. Each student is unique and to instruct them effectively, unique approach is required. To ensure that no time is wasted during your lessons, we preplan all your lessons even before you arrive. This will ensure that you get the maximum out of each lesson.

Moreover, all our driving lessons are very competitively priced to make is affordable for everyone.
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